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Here I Am
Featuring current single "Wanted Man" and
"Couple of Ol' Wise Men
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Message from Shawn Faler:
      I would like to send a big shout out to all our amazing families, friends, and most of all the dedicated fans. Thank you for all of your support while out on the road and for making this such an amazing journey. I know you hear artist say it all the time but with out you we couldn't be doing this. Please enjoy your trip thourgh my website and the new look. We have a lot of great things planned for the up coming year and things are always changing. So please keep in touch through the website or on the many different social networking sites that we are on. Again, thank you for all that you continoue to do and we look forward to seeing you through out the year.

Your friends~
Shawn Faler & Cripple Creek
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Shawn and the entire Cripple Creek band are working hard to attend the 2013 International Fairs and Expos Convention in Las Vegas, NV. This will be a great opportunity that would put them preforming in front of over 400 fairs and festivals from the United States and Canada. If you would like to see Shawn & Cripple Creek come to your local or state fair please let us known by clicking the Apperance Request and emailing us to let us know when and where your fair, festival, or special event is.